'I thought I was dying': Injured tourist recalls lava blast

Published 08-01-2018

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HONOLULU (AP) - Jessica Tilton wanted to see lava flowing into the ocean off Hawaii's Big Island but thought her sightseeing boat got too close to the explosive phenomenon.

The 20-year-old from Washington, Illinois, described the ill-fated boat tour to reporters Tuesday from her Honolulu hospital bed. She couldn't estimate how close the boat was.

Tilton was on the July 16 tour with her sisters and father when an explosion caused by the lava sent molten rock crashing through the roof of the boat, injuring 23 - her the most seriously.

She says a boulder of lava hit her, breaking her thigh bone and pelvis and leaving her with other injuries. She was airlifted to Honolulu where she has undergone several surgeries.

Tilton recalls feeling like she was dying.

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