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There always seems to be new ways for boulderites to become active, and there always seems to be a new way to do this. This list will suit the residents of Boulder by giving you a list of the best winter activities in Boulder, Colorado. I visit Boulder in the summer and every day is an adventure in and around Boulder and Eldorado Springs Is my favourite. It is about 30 minutes from downtown Boulder and is a great day trip from the city of Boulder or even from Boulder itself. Located just outside Boulder, close to the day trips to Boulder on this list, the hotel is a favorite for those who visit Boulder in the summer.

It is located at the point where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, creating a place that attracts and draws visitors. There are many places to hike, some of which are very interesting, but the attractions on this list that I have seen include the Grand Canyon, Colorado National Park and many other places in Boulder.

For more hiking options recommended by experienced hikers, see this list of trails in Boulder and this Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department guide for more information.

If you plan to see and do something amazing, here are some tips for transportation in Boulder, with tips on the best bus and train options for your trip.

Rental car visitors can change to RTD Route FF1 and get to Boulder in 45 minutes from Denver, where they can get there just as quickly. Green Ride Boulder is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to circumvent the boulder and is a great option if you are travelling alone or in a group. Children under 12 are also eligible for a free ride on the Green Ride, which is also a great option for families traveling from Denver International Airport. The best activities for toddlers in Boulder are bike rides, playgrounds, water parks and other fun activities. Travel with your family to and from Boulder using the Colorado State University bus system or the Rocky Mountain Regional Transportation Authority (RMTA)

Check out the bike paths that follow the creek from the Colorado State University parking lot to Boulder River Park and Recreation Center and Green Ride.

Boulder is only a twenty minute drive from Denver and there are hourly buses between the two cities. If you rent a car, you can take I-70 or 270 to US36, which will take you directly to Boulder. This is not the most useful way to get to Boulder, but the best way to get to Denver. If DIA is about an hour from Boulder, there is a great option as there is an hourly bus service from Denver International Airport that takes you to Colorado State University and then Boulder Airport.

Colorado is full of excellent hiking trails and the Netherlands is no exception, so hike the mountains and lakes. In addition to Lookout Mountain, there are several scenic excursions around Golden, including the Golden Mountain Trail, Golden Canyon Trail and Golden Lake Trail. No matter what time of year you visit Boulder, Colorado, has the perfect balance between city and nature that appeals to a wide variety of visitors.

Boulder offers accommodations for all tastes, closer to the road - and able to walk downtown boulders. Within walking distance of the University of Colorado Boulder, hotels offer amenities for business and leisure travelers alike. Boulder is also a public transit network that connects the city's many hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and restaurants with the rest of Denver.

Most of these destinations are in Colorado, but you can also use InvitedHome to visit Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. Colorado Wilderness Rides & Guides has worked closely with Hampton Inn & Suites Boulder to develop a simple pick-up trip directly from the hotel.

t worry, there is something for everyone in Boulder, Colorado, whether you are traveling alone, in pairs or with your family. Speaking of flatirons, if you're heading to Boulder Colorado in winter, make sure you see the snowy Flatiron. Bebe was able to hike around boulders while capturing the view of the majestic mountains. Leave the beautiful views and snow mountains behind and head north on the Boulder Mountain Trail to the Flatiron Trailhead.

There is so much to see and do in Denver, but one of my favorite city trips is a day trip to Boulder, Colorado. I always recommend this place to people visiting Colorado for the first time, and Boulder captures the best of the state. While some argue that you can explore the whole beautiful state of Colorado in one weekend, it just doesn't fit that well As I wish. Today, you won't spend as much time in Boulder Colorado as you do in any other part of Colorado, so this adventure is just minutes away from your hotel room.

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