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The Colorado Buffaloes host the Colorado State University Rams (7-2, 2-1 Mountain West) for an annual football game at the start of the season. The annual showdown at Rocky Mountain is between the CU Buffs and CSU Rams for the annual bragging rights to the top spot in the Mountain East Conference. It's a top-level game between these two schools every year, with the annual game taking place on Saturday, November 4 at 7 p.m. in Boulder, Colo.

Sports fans are spoilt for choice as to which games and sports they want to watch, and there is no doubt that they want to enjoy the atmosphere of the Rockies "home base. No matter where your loyalty lies, Boulder fans can watch the team's domination of Denver in their beloved home for the first time in years.

If hockey is more your thing, the Colorado Avalanche (or Avs as fans call them) offer fantastic talent and brilliant entertainment. The relatively new team is a direct result of Major League Baseball joining as an expansion team in 1993. In what was then commonly known as the "Big Six" sports association, CU joined the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletics Association and changed its name to the "Big Seven."

Colorado left RMFAC to join the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) And then there's the American Athletics Conference (AAC).

The AIAW sponsored the national women's skier championship from 1924 to 1929 before being taken over by the NCAA in 1931, which was already a co-organizer at the time. The University of Colorado has been a member of the Colorado Football Association since 1893 and became part of its first conference, the Rocky Mountain Football Conference, in 1909, although it changed its name to the Rocky Mountain Faculty Athletics Conference a year later. Originally called Colorado Stadium, the stadium opened in 1924 and was named in honor of the late Colombian football coach Fred "Folks" Foles and his wife Mary Folsom Field. In 1934, the University of Denver played the final game there, and in 1936, the first game between Colorado and Colorado State University.

Colorado wore the uniform twice, and Larry Walker hit a walk-off homer against the Braves' John Rocker in the second game and a home run against Colorado State's John Folsom in the third game.

The Boulder Football Team won the national title in the regular season with 9: 1 and Irwin led Boulder to the team championship. CU coach Eddie Crowder said Irwin was one of the best players in Colorado high school football history at the time. Irwin won the title as a senior at Boulder High School (pictured above, left). At the time, he was a first-team national selection in football, athletics and basketball.

Colorado has been one of the dominant programs in NCAA sports, winning 20 national championships, most recently in 2015, including 19 NCAA championships. Colorado had 94 NCAA champions, including four NCAA champions, all of whom won their respective races in 2017. The Colorado Football Program is the most successful in CU football history in terms of regular-season wins, wins and conference victories.

The indoor athletics team is participating in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF), although the Pac-12 does not sponsor indoor athletics. The ski team also participates as a member of the National Collegiate Skiing Association (NCSAA) of which it is a member, and participates in competitions within the Pacific Northwest Conference (PWC) and the Big Sky Conference, both of which are outside the Pac12 zone.

Colorado is one of only four Power 5 schools that do not sponsor baseball, the other three being Iowa State, Syracuse and Wisconsin. Colorado won its first-ever Collegiate Rugby Championship in a 7-team tournament in 2012, beating Utah in the final to qualify for the 2013 NCAA Collegiate Rugby Championship in San Diego, California.

Hale Irwin was a two-time member of the Colorado high school men's and women's baseball teams. Irwin, who attended Casey Middle School before moving to Boulder and then graduating from Boulder High School in his sophomore year, competed in golf, football and basketball at BHS and excelled in both. He did not play baseball in high school, but enjoyed spectacular success in professional golf and is a three-time US Open champion and four-time pro golfer for the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Denver offers great professional sports such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, football, men's and women's basketball and baseball. The CU ski team is in the Mountain West Conference, while CU is one of two Pac-12 (along with Utah) members competing in the sport. In addition to professional sports, Denver also has the Denver Broncos, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. Broncos Nuggets have a track record in all sports, from football to basketball and baseball to hockey and basketball.

Although this team only started playing in Denver in 1995 after moving from Quebec, every home game is full of loud and passionate Avs fans. We recommend this sports bar because Boulder Beer Company is a wrap-around bar that serves great beers like Budweiser, Miller Lite and Greg's Pale Ale to relax and watch a game or two. This closed bar is bursting with energy, with good food, great beer and a great atmosphere for sports and entertainment.

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