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Just days after industry giant Kroger announced plans to sell its fast-growing Boulder County grocery chain, grocer Lucky's Market is closing stores nationwide, including its first location in Boulder. As rumors swirled about whether the site would survive or close, a Lucky representative posted on the Facebook page of S. Broadway and Boulder announcing that the store would close in the near future. Come visit soon, "a company representative wrote in a post on the company's social media pages on Wednesday morning.

The Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder was opened in 1976 and is an outdoor strip mall, but it is one of the oldest shopping malls in Boulder County. It is nicely decorated, has everything you could find in a shopping center (seriously, it has everything) and is the only shopping center in the city of Boulder with a full service grocery store, Lucky's Market, which also has a Pearl Street presence.

There are also several art galleries in the area that sell works by artists, bebe in this area and just a few steps away there is also the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA) in downtown Boulder. BMCOA, as it's called, has spirit - blowing exhibits that broaden your horizons and remind you how artistic and talented boulder is.

Neptune Mountaineering has shops and a museum where equipment for climbing Everest is on display. South Boulder Mall offers shopping galore, a farmers market that feeds the masses and entertains shoppers. I recommend shopping malls and centers for a great shopping experience in the boulder area, not only for shopping, but also for recreation and entertainment.

Great and funky places to eat and drink, including Rock Bottom Brewery, which started here in Colorado. There are many restaurants and bars in the Boulder area where you can eat, such as the Great American Beer Festival, and you can find it all over the city of Boulder itself.

Catch a movie at the Boulder Century Theater or grab a dessert at one of these yogurt stalls, where they charge per ounce, toppings abound. Catch a movie at Boulder's Century Theater, a great place to see movies in Boulder, and also take a dessert, with a topping in abundance. A movie at the Millennium Center in Denver and a good place to buy yogurt at this yogurt spot, where you pay per ounce. Grab a dessert at some of the yogurt stalls in Denver, as there are plenty of tops, but also some great desserts in Colorado.

The 29th Street Mall, a favorite in Boulder, offers high-end fashion and fine dining, and is close to local movie theaters, so you can watch the latest blockbusters while shopping. Switch Boutique offers designer clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories at affordable prices. One of our favorite stores in the county is also in Louisville, but the larger Pearl Street store is a popular place to browse for locally made art. You can eat and talk at the Boulder Book Store, which is located in one of the most popular bookstores in Boulder and Denver.

From the creaky staircase to the thick oak bookshelves that exude the divine smell of the old school library, this is a bookshop for true book lovers.

This is one of the best places to shop downtown, in Boulder, Colorado, Denver, Boulder or any other city in Colorado.

Visit the state's most popular farmers market, run by the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Other shops are located in the University Hill District, including the Boulder Public Library, Denver Museum of Art and many more.

The business was founded by Doug Lee, a boulder cyclist with a passion for cycling, and his wife Amy. Doug and another Boulder cyclist secured a lease for a bike shop in the University Hill District of Boulder and started repairing and repairing as many bikes as possible.

But times have changed, and some of the best shopping is in the city and foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Not far from Norris' car, I watched customers stream into his store and leave. Shoppers scurried from store to store, ticking items off their Christmas lists.

Pearl Street Mall is lined with internationally renowned retail outlets such as Macy's and Nordstrom. Twenty - Ninth Street includes Foley's Store, which sells high-end clothing, shoes, accessories and other items for a variety of customers. Everything you see and do on Pearl Street is locally owned and has a special "only - in - boulder" character, which is described as "embedded in the mountains." I recommend shopping malls and centers because the Boulder area has a number of great shopping destinations, from a sports equipment hub to an art gallery, café and cinema.

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