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You may have noticed that some of the restaurants reopened this week, and in a thriving world, it can go a long way to a great night out in Boulder, Colorado, to try a good cocktail in one night.

Many Boulder breweries offer their guests guided tours behind the scenes and choose from the operators of Boulder Brew Tours. The University of Colorado, Boulder, visit three free museums, attend a football game at Folsom Field, see the start of a show at the Fiske Planetarium and learn more about Boulder's characters from the operators of Boulder Walking Tours, among others.

There are numerous bars to suit your mood and mood, whether you are cheering on your favourite team or relaxing with friends with a few drinks. New arrivals are welcome here, making it the perfect way to mingle with the locals and catch a glimpse of the regulars of Boulder and some of the city's most popular restaurants.

If you are looking for the best bars in Boulder, here are some highlights: License No 1 , Boulder Beer has a fairly respectable menu that serves weekend brunch. This historic Boulderado hotel is designed to feel like an old speakeasy, with a bar and restaurant on the ground floor and a small bar in the basement.

Avery Brewing is one of the most famous breweries in Boulder and offers a way out of the bars and pubs of downtown. The best brewery you will ever visit, and probably the most visited if you want to return a cold one.

The lively, lively, traditional Irish pub is one of the most exciting ways to spend an evening in downtown Boulder. Euro beers, with a small porch overlooking the lawns of the Boulder County Courthouse and a full bar with a wide selection of local beers.

Pearl Street and the surrounding downtown blocks are full of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and a variety of other shops. All the things you see and do on Pearl Street are locally owned and have a special, only-in-boulder character that has been described as "embedded in the mountains of reality."

Many boulder bars and breweries offer live music, especially at weekends, and host special events such as games evenings. Enjoy regular live music events while sipping on craft brees in the bar room, which also includes the Boulder Beer Company, Colorado's largest and most popular brewery. Invite your family, friends and work colleagues to join you for a night of Colorado's freshly brewed beer at the Boulder Beer Company.

If you're looking for some fun to do in Boulder after dark, prepare to be in a rabbit hole of alleys and haberdashery shops. Note some surprising options, but you can also visit the Boulder Comedy Show or spend an evening with friends in one of the many local bars and restaurants.

We've talked about some of the best boulder bars, leaning towards the brewery and especially the boulder beer. The brewery claims to be the state's first craft brewery, making it a must-visit for craft beer lovers in Colorado.

This unique boulder landmark pulsates with style and energy and has been a vibrant energy style since its original bar and grill opened in 1975. Boulder County has many local breweries that offer hearty evening menus with craft beer. Colorado Springs is a center for artisanal brewing and distillation, so it seems like we're knocking on the door of the city's past.

The University of Colorado holds high-profile music events throughout the year, and the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater is not far away. No matter what night of the week, you'll probably find a bluegrass picking or a seasonal summer show that serves as a soundtrack to Boulder after dark. Every year there are dozens of great events, including the annual Boulder Music Festival, Colorado Music Fest, the annual Boulder Music Festival. Colorado State University's College of Music and Arts Center offers a dazzling program every year.

There are countless ways to enjoy nature in Boulder, and if you're a fan of winter sports, let me tell you about one of the best nightlife events in the entire state of Colorado: the Boulder Nightlife Festival. Colorado State University College of Music and Arts Center offers guided night hikes, ski and snowshoe tours, mountain biking, snowmobiling and more.

For a college town like this, nightlife seems like a great place to get around, and a good starting point for much of it is Pearl Street. Reno is a gambler's paradise, but instead of wild flowers - scattered hills - Reno's neon-lit nightlife features top-notch restaurants, bars, nightclubs and more. Apart from being a hotspot in the casino, it is a perfect destination for anyone who likes outdoor activities all year round.

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More About Boulder