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The Denver Museum of Nature and Science houses many prehistoric Colorado creatures found in places like Dinosaur Ridge Garden Park, such as the recently discovered Thornton Torosaurus by a dinosaur. The museum offers an intimate space for viewing artworks and offers visitors the opportunity to view historical documents and photos that tell the story of Boulder and the state of Colorado. This museum is the perfect complement to a visit to Boulder and houses the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the United States as well as other prehistoric fossils.

If you are a natural historian, this is the museum for you, but it really depends on you which way you choose. You can visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Boulder Museum or the Colorado State Museum in Boulder.

The Museum of Boulder is located in the old building of the Boulder History Museum, built in 1899 and housing an exhibition of Legos. This old, imposing stone house, which the Boulder History Museum has called home for 27 years, is tucked away on a footpath south of the Colorado State Museum in Boulder in a small parking lot on the west side of the city.

The Boulder History Museum offers history buffs the chance to learn about the region's unique past, while the CU Heritage Center offers exhibits from the past and successful graduates of the university. This excellent museum has a wide range of research work - based programs for students, faculty, staff and visitors. I grew up with a natural history and museum experience at the University of Colorado, but the museum has a variety of educational programs, including lectures, family days and year-round guided tours, including family lectures and guided days.

This is one of the most entertaining and instructive experiences you can have in Boulder, and I also learned to talk about what is happening in and around Boulder at the height of learning.

If science is the name of the game, Denver's Nature and Science Museum offers dinosaur mummies and a discovery zone for kids. I recommend the museums because they contain a dinosaur mummy and an interactive exhibition on the evolution of life on Earth.

The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the highest quality art museums you will find anywhere. A real treat for anyone visiting Boulder, it is a small gallery that presents regional and international artists from all media levels. Wander through the streets of downtown Boulder and participate in a week-long program of expressive activities, visit the Boulder Museum and provide a thought provoking, enlarging and thoughtful experience for the local community and guests. As part of the University of Colorado Boulder, Fiske Planetarium features a full-service astronomy and astrophysics museum and a planetarium with an interactive exhibit on the evolution of life on Earth.

Rotating exhibitions of photography and natural art mean that you can always be sure to discover something new at the Museum of Boulder.

If you have visitors or friends in town, the Museum of Boulder is also a great place to drop by and let them know about the area. If you have the chance, you should also visit the Colorado Railroad Museum and take time to explore the 40,000 square foot space, filled with interactive exhibits that allow visitors to explore the history of science within themselves. The National Center for Atmospheric Research is an excellent place to spend an afternoon in late spring or early fall, especially if you're hiking the trails on the museum grounds.

The Morrison Natural History Museum focuses on the prehistoric days of Morrison, Colorado, and features a wide range of fossils, artifacts and other artifacts from the past, present and future. Get to know the university's museum and focus on a variety of topics, including the history of the University of Colorado at Boulder, the development of science and technology in the United States, and much more.

Just a short drive from Boulder Canyon, the quirky mountain town of Nederland offers a variety of museums and galleries, as well as a range of restaurants and shops. The Mining Museum is a great stopover on your visit to the mountains and we recommend it because it is conveniently located to walk to local shops, breweries and restaurants.

We visited the museum with Executive Director Angelique Espinoza, who is also a board member of YWCA Boulder County and a former member of the Boulder City Council.

The museum has purchased the Masonic Lodge building on Broadway and Pine Street, where it will become the Museum of Boulder. Remember that the Denver Art Museum is closed on Mondays and open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, except on university holidays. The Boulder Museum for Contemporary Art is located in the former Masonic Lodge building on the corner of Broadway & Pine Street. It is open seven days a week, but it is closed on university and public holidays, and on weekends.

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