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In Boulder, CO, two modern, new hotels have been opened, conveniently located in the heart of Boulder. Both hotels are located in a fantastic shopping area in Boulder and it takes approximately five minutes to get from downtown Boulder to the hotel, just a few blocks from the Boulder Convention Center.

If you are in Schofield for an outdoor adventure, both hotels are just a short drive from Cherry State Park, home to the famous Cherry Ribbing River and Cherry Creek. While Denver residents can reach this coast in less than an hour, Cherry State Park is just over an hour away. For new visitors, this is quite convenient, as for those interested in outdoor activities, there is an easy walk from downtown Boulder to Cherry City Park.

If you want to explore the region, there is a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in and around Schofield. The Cherry Ribbing River Inn and Cherry Creek Inn are both within walking distance of the Colorado State Parks and Recreation Department's reservation center and are popular with users who want to stay a few days or even a week or two in the summer months. If you want to see the rest of Colorado and surrounding cities, check out our nearby city list, including Merrill, Medford and White Lake.

Explore the Mountain Bay State Trail, explore the slopes of the Granite Peak ski area or picnic at the Cherry Ribbing River Inn and Cherry Creek Inn. Recommended locations include the Colorado State Parks and Recreation Department Reservation Center, Cherry Ridge State Park and Blue Ridge Trail. For a complete hiking profile, get directions, maps and tips, or drive along Highway 93 to the hiking trail on the east side of the mountain, south of the Cherry River.

Rib Mountain State Park is located on the east side of the mountain, south of the Granite Peak ski area, and offers a quick and easy escape to nature. Rib Mountain State Park and Cherry Ribbing River Inn and Cherry Creek Inn are just a short drive from Colorado State Parks and Recreation Department Reservation Center and Blue Ridge Trail, respectively. From Cherry Ridge State Park, it's an easy walk to the trailhead of Mountain Bay State Trail, or a faster and easier escape to nature is possible at Red Rocks Trailhead and Red Rock Mountain Park. Mountain and state parks are located in the Rocky Mountain National Park System in Boulder County, Colorado.

The hotel is close to popular attractions including Granite Peak Ski Area, Red Rocks Trailhead, Blue Ridge Trail and Red Rock Mountain Park. A convenient stop in Marathon County is Cherry Ridge State Park and Cherry Ribbing River Inn, Cherry Creek Inn. The Colorado State Parks and Recreation Department reservation center is accessible from the pet-friendly hotel, but it is accessible to all pets.

For guests who also enjoy running, Residence Inn Boulder has partnered with Under Armour to develop the Connected Fitness app that allows guests to see popular running routes in the area. Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott Boulder enables pets to accompany their fellow humans to their pets - friendly accommodations. This makes for a great experience for pets and people who are accompanied by their pets in a pet-friendly accommodation. It is allowed for dogs and cats as well as dogs, cats and other pets of all ages and abilities.

Hilton Garden Inn Boulder features 172 spacious rooms, including a full-service restaurant, fitness center, outdoor pool and spa. Each room features a large window overlooking the Boulder River, Boulder City Hall and Colorado State Capitol, as well as a wall map of Boulder showing tourist attractions in the city.

Denver Water brings water to the river when they need it, but South Boulder Creek has problems and can be low when it fishes well, so it has problems and is an important water source for the city of Boulder and the rest of the state.

Two illuminated Igloo Dome are now on the Hilton Garden's terrace, and if you want a celebrity reception, visit the Hampton Inn & Suites Boulder North. Get more value for your money with our free daily email newsletter for just $5 or $10 per month.

The hotel is part of the new Hiltons Canyon Collection and adjoins the Days Inn & Suites Wyndham Wausau, located on Route 51.

re in Boulder for business, staying in the area, getting away from the hustle and bustle of New York City or just need a stay in Boulder, there are two new hotels in Boulder that you should check out. Embassy Suites offer a combination of hotel wellness and world-class hospitality in Boulder, Colorado. Guests at the Boulder Colorado hotel can sample the soul of Boulder Colorado with its stained glass, modern amenities and breathtaking views of the Colorado Rockies.

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More About Boulder